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What Is The Best Fat-Loss Workout?

There is no getting around with the fact that you have to follow a disciplined workout routine to burn the body fat and build the muscle mass. You can burn fat and sculpt your body without hitting gym, and even without using any equipment. There are various fat loss exercises that can give you the physique that you have always wanted. While it takes a lot of effort and different type of exercises to achieve all-round fitness, there are several workouts that can help you in burning the fat faster than others. It is important to opt for the right exercises to experience effective outcomes.

Best Fat Burning Workouts

HIIT: High intensity interval training workout is done in short bursts with high intensity. The best thing about HIIT is you do not need any equipment to perform this workout, and you can practice this workout anywhere anytime.  This workout includes sit ups, jump squats, push-ups, split-jumps, tricep dips and Burpess. HIIT workout boosts metabolism, burn fat, and build muscle mass. This workout is very good for heart health as well.

Total Body Strength training: Strength training helps in boosting metabolism and burning fat. This workout includes both upper and lower body workouts that make your body as well as brain works harder. In order to perform total body strength training, you need dumbbells. The exercises are performed in two sets (8 reps, 2 sets). This workout include exercises like plank push-up, close row kickback, reverse lunge, lateral raises, ski squat and pull-ups. With strength training, you can burn more calories and results will be visible in shorter amount of time.

Combination of Strength training and HIIT: Combination of HIIT and strength training is a full body weight loss workout. This combination can provide you the lean body in least amount of time. It helps you in burning calories, building muscle mass and avoiding plateaus. This workout is suitable for men and women. With this workout you get rock solid core, defined arms and lean legs. This workout lets you lose weight, not muscle. However, it is challenging workout.

Why Zumba Is Insanely Good Exercise?

Zumba is an amazing workout consists of body movements inspired from various forms of dance, performed to musical beats. It has become a popular workout for weight loss all across the world. Zumba is the best workout for people who hate exercising.

A Zumba session is like any dance session, but with easy dance moves that are heavy on the steps and hips counts.  These moves produce sweat. Experts say that 40 minutes of Zumba session can burn up to 380 calories, approximately 9 calories per minute.  Along with burning calories, this workout tone arms and sculpt muscles.

Benefits of Zumba

#1: Full Body Workout: Zumba is combination of aerobics and salsa. There is no wrong or right way to perform Zumba. As long as your body moves to the musical beats, you are actually exercising. And this workout involves the movement of the entire body –arms, shoulders, feet –you will get full body workout.

#2: Burn Fat: At its core, Zumba is intended to offer a large calorie burn via aerobic activity done. This workout will help you burn 400 to 600 calories per hour.

#3: Improve Cardiovascular Fitness: Zumba is an efficient exercise when it comes to enhancing aerobic capacity, which is a measure of cardiovascular fitness.

#4: Increase Your Pain Threshold: After practicing Zumba for a while, pain interference and pain severity decrease. Combining the health benefits that Zumba offers with the weight loss, you can enjoy better quality of life.

#5: Build endurance: Fast paced music is played during Zumba session; moving body to the beats increases the endurance.

#6: Adaptable for Any Fitness Level: Zumba is scalable. You just have to move to the beats. It is a kind of workout that everyone can do according to their intensity level. However, it is recommended to perform this workout under the surveillance of an instructor.

#7: It is Social: Zumba is a group activity. It increases the interaction with other people. You get to socialize with other people in Zumba class. It is one of the fun weight loss workouts.

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