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What You Need To Know About Plantation Blinds

Plantation blinds, also known as plantation shutters are made from wood plank levers that are affixed to a frame that is secured to a window frame. They come in different designs. For example, there are some that come with a frame that holds the shutters open. There are others that resemble doors.

History of plantation shutters

Plantation shutters started being used in the 1800s in the cotton plantations of the south. They originated in the ancient Greece where the traditional shutters were made from marble or stone. These shutters were mainly designed to provide protection, light control and ventilation.

Modern shutters have undergone a number of changes and they not only provide light control, you can also use them for decorative purposes.

Plantation shutters vs. Venetian blinds

Many people don’t differentiate the two. The truth is that they are very different. Plantation shutters have wider louvers compared to the standard venetian blinds. The two also operate very differently. For example, the adjustment rod that manages the angle of the slats hangs to the left on the blinds, but on the plantation shutters, you adjust the angle of the wide planks via a tilt rod that has been affixed to each individual shutter.

The rod is usually located in the front or back of the shutter. This ensures that all the shutters open equally at the same time.

Guide on how to buy plantation shutters

There are very many people selling plantation shutters. You can also find the shutters at different prices. When making the purchase, you should avoid shutters that are too cheap as it means that they are made from an inferior material thus they won’t last for a long time.

Just like there are shutters from different manufacturers, the shutters come in different designs. For example, there are those that use staples to fix the tilt rod to the louvers. There are others that don’t have rods. You should avoid shutters with loose rods as the rod will come off with frequent use.

Just like when buying anything else, you should consider the warranty. Studies have shown that items with warranties last longer than those without; therefore, you should go for plantation shutter styles with warranties. This is what you need to know about plantation shutters. To give your home a great look you should ensure that your indoor shutters are installed by a professional.

Choosing Between Real Wood And Faux Wood

Real wood and faux wood are popular Plantation shutters and many people are confused of the ones that they should go for. To help you out here is how the two compare:

Real wood Plantation shutters

They have been around for a long time and are preferred by many people due to the benefits that they come with. Some of these benefits include:

Durability: the fibrous nature of the shutters ensures that they last for a long time. Once you install them you don’t have to worry of replacing them every now and then.

Colour choices: you can paint the shutters any colour that you want. For ideal results t you should paint your interior shutters the colour that compliments your home decor.

Light: the units are light in weight. Due to this you can install them on large windows without them sagging.

Beautiful: there is no denying the fact that wooden shutters look real and elegant.

While the shutters are great to have, they have a number of flaws. One of the flaws is that they are more expensive than their faux wood counterparts. You also need to repaint them after every few years.

Faux wood

Less expensive: The main benefit of faux wood shutters is cost. Since they are made from synthetic materials, they are 30% cheaper than wood. This means that you can replace them often without feeling the financial strain.

Moisture resistant: real wood Plantation shutters tend to warp when exposed to moist environments. This isn’t the case with faux wood shutters. The units are resistant to moisture thus ideal for bathrooms, kitchen and other areas that are often wet.

Durable: some faux wood shutters are made from tough materials that are very durable when taken good care of. For example, poly shutters are very tough and durable. They also hold their colour for a lifetime.

While the shutters come with the above benefits, they also have their fair share of flaws. One of the flaws is that they are heavy; therefore, when you install large shutters you exert a lot of pressure on the hinges thus they tend to sag or even fall out.

The shutters also limit you on the colours that you can go for. For example, if you go for poly shutters you only have two colour choices: white and off-white.


It’s up to you to choose the best Plantation shutters to go for. As rule of thumb you should ensure that you buy the shutters from a reputable Plantation shutter store.

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