Metal Braces: Advantages and Disadvantages

When you have problem with crooked, misaligned or misshaped teeth, your dentist can recommend you many smile correction treatments. Today, there are many orthodontic treatments powered by science and technology that can correct your teeth alignment without causing a lot of trouble. One of the most basic treatment options is metal braces. This treatment has been used for years to correct the teeth alignment, and offered in almost every dental clinic. In this treatment wires, brackets and rubber bands are installed in your mouth to correct the position of the teeth.

Choosing metal braces

The availability of advanced teeth straightening treatments such as clear braces or invisalign has decreased the popularity of traditional metal braces. The modern treatments are less time consuming and more convenient. However, traditional metal braces have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking about getting metal braces, you should learn about them and then take the apt decision.

Advantages of metal braces

Strength and Stability: As compared to other orthodontic treatments, metal braces are very strong. They do not break easily and thus your treatment will not get disrupted. On the other hand, plastic and ceramic brackets are quite fragile. They break easily, and thus you will have to get new brackets during the treatment.

Affordability: Metal braces are the most affordable teeth straightening treatment option available. Stainless steel braces are quite affordable and installation of metal braces is also budget friendly.

Varieties: Yes, metal braces are available in variety of design options. Thus, you can get varieties and versatility. It is important to choose the metal braces pattern in which you feel most comfortable.

Effectively: Metal braces are time-consuming, yet effective teeth straightening treatment available till date. This treatment has the capability of correcting the alignment of your teeth.

Disadvantages of metal braces

Ugly Appearance: One of the major disadvantages of having metal braces is their appearance. The wires and brackets look when patient open the mouth. It is very unsightly for any person to go out with metal braces just to have straighter teeth. This is the reason why adults prefer invisaligners for teeth straightening by dentist falls church.

Uncomfortable: Wearing metal braces is really very uncomfortable. They cause chewing and cleaning discomfort.

Time Consuming: Teeth straightening with metal braces is quite time consuming. You have to bear the discomfort of metal braces for several months to get your teeth straightened.

What are the benefits of having perfectly straight teeth?

There is a strong connection between person’s smile and quality of life. Improvements in the appearance of smile can dramatically improve the self-confidence and self-image. How and where teeth are positioned plays an important role in the appearance of the smile. Not everyone is blessed with pearl-like teeth. But with teeth straightening treatments, it is possible to correct the position and orientation of teeth.

Is it necessary to have perfect teeth?

There are tons of benefits of having straight teeth such as improved self-confidence and better chewing capability. Uneven teeth can make you look less attractive and they can be a big toll on children and teens. People with uneven teeth often hesitate to smile, and a confident smile is very important when making a first impression. Crooked teeth can even have a negative impact on career and romantic success.

Benefits of teeth straightening

Receding gums prevention: Gums may recede because teeth are positioned beyond the natural contour of the jaw. Proper alignment of the teeth, spontaneously improves the health of gums. When teeth are positioned properly, they do not cause harm to the gums.

Protection from wear and fracture: The lower and upper teeth act a box and a lid, and the upper teeth work as the lid.  If the reverse happens the box does not close properly and due to shortening of the teeth wear and chipping occurs.  Proper teeth alignment reduces the excessive friction and guards the teeth against further damage.

Proper bite: Naturally, front teeth are designed to bite the food and back teeth are created to chew the food. This arrangement allows front teeth to protect the back teeth from excessive wear and tear. The biting capacity of teeth reduced if front teeth do not come in line. This also reduces their capability of protecting the back teeth from abrasion.

Easy flossing and brushing: It is not easy to brush and floss when your teeth are crooked. No matter how good toothbrush you are using or how hard you are trying to floss, you will not be able to clean your teeth properly. Teeth straightening can make teeth cleaning task a lot easier to you.

Get rid of spaces: Even if you have 1 or 2 crooked teeth, you will develop space between your teeth. Food often get stuck in between the teeth gaps and you might develop cavities. Thus, you should visit a cosmetic dentist and ask about teeth straightening options.

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