Guide To Buying Fashionable Sunglasses For Children

Just like adults, kids also need sunglasses to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays. To buy the right fashionable sunglasses for children you need to consider a number of tips that include:

Sunglass safety should always be your priority

Children tend to fall more often. They also tend to be careless and bend or drop their sunglasses. To protect your kids from getting injured when the sunglasses break, you should buy units made from tough material or material that won’t hurt the kids even when it breaks. If your kids are too young you should buy frames made from rubber or soft plastic. In addition to these materials being resistant to breaking, they also don’t cause harm to your children. To be on the safe side you should never buy children sunglasses with a glass lens. The best way of going about it is to buy those made fromshatterproof polycarbonate or related material.

Pay attention to the UV protection feature of the sunglasses

According to experts, the children eyes are more sensitive than those of adults as the cornea and lens are thin and underdeveloped thus allow 70% more UV radiation to enter. Due to this, the children eyes are more at risk of UV damage. They are also at more risk of developing a number of eye problems such as cataracts, photokeratitis and skin cancer around the eyelids and eyes.  To protect your child you shouldn’t go for sunglasses that don’t provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB. Most new buyers think that the lens color is related to UV protection. This isn’t the case. A darker color doesn’t mean that the sunglasses will provide better UV protection.

Consider the price of the sunglasses

Price is always an important factor when you are buying anything. While quality comes at a price, it’s not always the case when it comes to sunglasses. While designer sunglasses might be elegant and beautiful to look at, it doesn’t mean that they will provide you with a better service. Most sunglass-gurus observe that most high-end child sunglasses are more of a fashion statement—they aren’t much of a function statement. This means that when making the purchase you shouldn’t pay a lot of attention to the price of the unit. Top off your agenda should be the ability of the sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV damage. When you buy the right sunglasses your child feels and looks good. For ideal results, you should buy the units from a reputable sunglasses store.

When you are at high altitudes, the air is usually thinner thus it filters fewer UV rays. The sun’s reflection is brighter and more intense on snow thus it affects your vision. The strong wind tends to blur your vision and make your eyes tear.  It’s also common for ice particles to get into your eyes. To protect yourself from these elements, you should have snowboarding sunglasses. For you to buy the right units, you need to consider a number of tips:

How often you will be wearing the sunglasses

If you are going for snowboarding as a one-time thing, you shouldn’t invest in high-quality sunglasses—basic sunglasses are enough; however, if you are a regular snowboarder you should go for units with premium protection technology. In addition to the premium units providing you with maximum protection, they also tend to last for longer thus saving you money that you would have spent replacing them often.

Pay attention to where you will be using the sunglasses

Sports sunglasses come in different lens tints that are ideal for different weather conditions. There are those that are ideal for morning, afternoon and others for all weather conditions. When making the purchase, go for units that provide you with a perfect combination of eye fatigue protection, color definition, and contrast. If you will be snowboarding in low light and fog, you should go for lenses with a yellow, gold or amber tint. If snowboarding during a bright day, you should buy sunglasses with a mirror coating. This unit reflects bright light thus preventing it from getting into your eyes. For sunset and nighttime snowboarding, go for fashionable sunglasses with clear lenses. If you don’t have a specific time when you will be snowboarding, go for units with interchangeable lenses.

Safety of the sunglasses

To protect your eyes you should go for sunglasses that provide you with as much UV protection as possible. You should also go for units made from polycarbonate material. This material is more resistant to impact thus you have less worry of the sunglasses breaking.


Whether looking for sunglasses for women or men you should take your time to research. It’s recommended that you visit your nearest sunglasses store and test the different sunglasses to see how they look and feel. As rule of thumb, you should buy units that are ideal for your use and perfectly fit you.

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