Top Things To Know Before Buying Antique Rugs

Antique and vintage rugs are very much in demand. They are not only packed with history, but they are also quite beautiful. Here are things you need to know about antique rugs before buying one for yourself.

Where Do The Rugs Come From?

The origin of a rug is very important to know because it can provide a lot of background on the rug and you can also further confirm that the rug is an original antique. There are many rugs that can be considered antique. There are Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Afghan rugs, and rugs from some other Middle Eastern countries.

They all have different characteristics and materials from which they are made, so it will make things a lot easier for you if you know where the rug comes from and what’s the cultural story behind it.

The Material

Back in the day, when antique rugs weren’t antique, they were made from wool, cotton, or silk. Synthetic materials weren’t used in making rugs and this is a huge indicator that whether a rug is truly authentic or not. The dyes and colors used in these rugs were not chemically based either. They were organic dyes, some of which were extracted from plants, vegetables, and spices.

So, you have it narrowed down quite a bit, that if you’re looking for an antique rug, then it’s going to be made from one of the three materials mentioned above and the colors will be quite rich too. So, there won’t be any chance of you getting into a scam, because you know exactly what you’re looking for.

How Old Is The Rug?

Usually, antique rugs have an age of 75 to 100 years. These rugs are almost a century old and the proof is going to show in its patterns and designs. Back in the day, the patterns and designs were very different from what they are today.

They were very rich and they had stories behind each of them. You can also assess the age of an antique rug by looking at the quality of the rug and how much wear it has gotten over the years. This proves the legitimacy of the rug.

Are They Damaged?

There are going to be some sort of imperfections on the rug, but it doesn’t mean that it will be severely damaged. Those kinds of rugs are not considered to be worth buying, because they have a huge degree of damage on them. You want to go for a rug, which definitely looks old, judging by its wear and slight fading of color, but it won’t have things like huge holes, bald spots, or missing fringes.

That’s a huge no-no as far as antique rugs are concerned because the beauty of an authentic antique or vintage rug is that it still has its beauty preserved, without having to gloss it over with patchwork and other things.


Century-old rugs used to have a lot of types of weaving. The most common weaving techniques for vintage and tribal rugs Virginia were knotted weaves, flat weaves, and loop weaves. These weaving techniques are what imparted durability to these rugs, so that they can still look as beautiful as they did, about 90 to 100 years later.

The rugs were completely made by hand, which also added that extra bit of durability and strength to the strands. So, you can identify a vintage or antique rug by its weave. It will have a traditional weave to it and that’s what makes these rugs one of their kind.

Find Authentic Places

Usually, there are a lot of stores that sell antique rugs. They are just like your normal rug stores, but they specialize in dealing with antique rugs only and they have a lot of variety to choose from. So, when you’re out buying an antique rug for your house, it’s important that you scout out all of the antique rug stores so that you can have a couple of options to choose from. This is going to make it easier to come to a decision and you can even compare the prices of different stores.

There is an abundance of vintage rug stores in many places and you need to find a store that has the best rugs. So, try to take your time during this step, and don’t make hasty decisions.

Do Your Research

You can’t just look at random rugs and classify them as antique. You need to know about certain things which set vintage rugs apart from other rugs. This is why being educated on antique rugs is super important. It will lessen the chances of you getting scammed because you will know exactly what characteristics to look for in an antique rug.

Some people can skip the research part and dive straight into buying a rug, but if you want a legit one, then you need to educate yourself on the different characteristics and qualities of antique rugs and what types of rugs are considered to be antique.

Be Careful With Online Stores

When you’re trying to find a perfect antique rug for your house, it’s important that you skip online stores. An antique rug is not something you want to buy from an online store or a marketplace, because there are a lot more chances of getting duped by people. There are designated antique stores, which sell old rugs and these are the places that you want to visit when searching for an authentic vintage rug.

You will save yourself from the trouble of possibly getting scammed by people if you avoid online stores and you will find a good rug for a pretty reasonable price. Because buying antique rug is different from buying other items like fashionable sunglasses.

Expect Some Wear

A vintage or antique rug is not going to look brand new, and in all honesty, that’s the true beauty of these kinds of rugs. They are proof of rich cultures, preserved in the weaves and design of a rug. There is going to be some wear and tear on the rug.

There also might be some unevenness in the texture of the rug and that’s completely normal. The fringes of the rug may not be stark and clean, but it will still be in good condition. What you don’t want in an antique rug, is patchwork or covering up imperfections because that’s like masking the beauty of a 100-year-old rug.

Ask Questions

It’s very important that you’re being open and curious with the seller about an antique rug. As mentioned previously, people can scam buyers into thinking that the rugs are real antique pieces and they can sell them for a hefty price.

It’s important that you ask a lot of questions about the rug’s origin and how antique rugs differ. This will only be possible when you do proper research on antique rugs and spot the tell-tale signs on how you can identify a rug as an antique and others as dupes.


These things are good to keep in mind when finding the perfect antique rug for your house. These tips will ensure that you find a great quality rug, for a good deal. If you like the patterns and styles of Persian rugs, you can find Persian antique rugs VA.

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