Pros And Cons Of Nylon Rugs

There are so many rug materials to choose from. From natural, to synthetic, and the list goes on. Nylon rugs are common and you can find traditional rugs as well in this category. Here is everything, from good to bad, you should know about nylon rugs.

They Are Durable

Nylon is known for its durability. It’s up there in strength, with a lot of natural materials, like wool and cotton, but being synthetic, there’s that added factor of strength that is just hard to compare with other materials. Nylon is great with high foot traffic and it’s also amazing with pets, so there’s no need to cordon off rooms with nylon rugs from your furry friends because that’s not an issue at all.

Nylon is also very durable if you put it on the patio or as a welcome rug. It’s truly an amazing rug that can’t compare when it comes to durability, so you best believe that it will last you a long time, even if you rough it up a bit.

They Are Expensive

As durable as nylon is, there is no mistake that it’s not one of the cheaper options out there. There are a lot of people who just can’t seem to justify the price of nylon rugs because it’s almost the same as that of silk and wool rugs. Most would think that nylon rugs will cost them anywhere between $4 to $20, but that’s not the case at all. Nylon rugs can go as high as $100 and that’s unjustified for a synthetic fabric.

The hefty price tag has a lot to do with the actual making of the rug and the fact that synthetic rugs seldom have amazing durability, so nylon gives you the best of both worlds. However, it’s still a touch too high, as far as rug prices are concerned.

Nylon Rugs Are Hydrophobic

Nylon has an amazing quality that makes it super weather resistant and that’s the fact that this fiber is hydrophobic. This means that it doesn’t let water get absorbed into the rug and therefore it won’t get damaged. There are a lot of rugs out there that have exceptional durability, but they just don’t stand a chance against water and moisture and that’s a deal breaker for a lot of people.

However, nylon won’t disappoint you. The fibers are similar to surfaces with zero pores, so even if you accidentally spill water on it, it will bead up, giving you enough time to take a washcloth and clean the spill up. It’s also perfect for little kids because they tend to throw things down a lot, but nylon will take every spill like a champ and it won’t spoil the rug.

They Can Produce Static Electricity

Here’s another downside to nylon that’s nothing less than a jump scare. Nylon tends to produce static electricity, especially if there’s a lot of movement on the rug. This can cause someone to get tiny zips of shock on their feet and it’s an unpleasant thing to experience.

This is just the chemical composition and the reaction of nylon that causes free electrons to zap around unnoticed and then give you an electric shock when you least expect it. It’s not lethal by any means, but it’s still weird, nonetheless.

Variety Is Endless

One of the things that make or break a rug is the fact that it should have a lot of variety. A rug material, especially if it lacks variety, is automatically a no-go for people. This is where nylon steals the show yet again. Nylon has a lot of color variety, so much so, that there is something for everyone.

You’ll get confused by the sheer variety of colors, designs, and patterns of nylon rugs and carpets. It’s something that a lot of rug connoisseurs appreciate because they love the endless options. The style of nylon rugs is also evergreen.

They Release Microplastics

Synthetic fibers have a major downside and that’s the fact that since they’re made out of many polymers, there will be a lot of microplastics everywhere. It’s kind of like lint or shreds of fiber, but they make the rug look very unkempt and it’s not the most pleasant thing to see.

This is why regular vacuuming is a must because if these microplastics get released into the air, they’re hard to settle down and they will cause allergies if they’re near people who are sensitive to lint. This is why transitioning to a synthetic rug is hard because there can be these pesky little things that bug you. If you don’t like nylon rugs, there is a huge variety of wool Persian rugs. You should try browsing wholesale Persian rugs VA.

Nylon Rugs Are Stain-resistant

Because nylon rugs are hydrophobic, this quality makes them stain resistant too. How do stains occur? They occur when the fabric or material of a rug sucks the moisture or liquid in and that causes the color to show on the rug.

That’s typically a stain and it’s really hard to remove, especially when it comes to a rug, because you can’t just wash it easily. With nylon, because it allows the beading of liquids, it doesn’t lead to stains, keeping the rug cleaner and spotless for longer.

They Trap Dust

Even though nylon rugs don’t let stains ruin them, there is one thing that can make the rug go from pretty to downright dirty. Nylon traps dust inside its surface and if you shake it off, then you can see the amount of dust that comes off the rug. This is not something you want, so you should vacuum it every day to get rid of the dust.

Even if there’s a slight delay in vacuuming, the rug will turn into a dirt factory. This is because of the packed nature of nylon, which allows dirt and dust to settle in its crevices.

They Are Easy To Maintain

Nylon rugs, as far as maintenance is concerned, are pretty easy to clean and take care of. You don’t need special cleaners or take care of whether the rug will get bald or not if you vacuum it too hard. You can also throw the rug in the washing machine and call it a day or if the rug is small, then you can even hand wash it.

Nylon rugs are also pretty easy to handle and move around, because they don’t weigh a ton, making them a breeze – literally. You’ll love these rugs, in the maintenance aspect of things.

They Are Not The Comfiest

Last but not least, rugs are meant to be cushy and comfortable. However, nylon rugs can be a bit rough on the surface. They’re hard and they don’t feel the best when you put your feet on them or even if you sit on them. You can feel the fibers pinching into your skin and that’s uncomfortable, to say the least.

There are other rugs out there that look and feel like a dream and will leave nylon rugs in the dust. Rugs are synonymous with comfort, and nylon doesn’t deliver.


Nylon is a very common and popular rug material, but it doesn’t even come close to the “perfect” rug material and now you know why. Take a look at some good nylon, wool, and silk area oriental rugs Virginia.

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