10 Popular Shades Of Blonde To Try

It’s summer and if you’re looking for a fun way to change your hair, then nothing beats a good ole blonde color. Here are some amazing blonde hair color and highlights ideas to try that suit any skin color.

Light Blonde

The first honorable blonde mention is an oldie but a goodie. If you don’t want to take the leap and go for a white blonde that will make you look like Barbie’s human cousin, then you can certainly go for a more muted version of blonde that will complement the warmth of any skin tone.

Light blonde is still a cool color, but it’s not as blaring as any other lighter blondes and you will love the results of it in the end. If you already have blonde hair and want to lighten it up a notch, then light blonde is the perfect transition shade.

For the dark-haired women out there, you will need to bleach your hair, but the effort is worth it, and it’s a perfect and fun summer color, so it’s the perfect excuse to go a little crazy with the blonde color.

Platinum Blonde

You can’t list out the best blonde shades without mentioning the ever-loving platinum blonde. Also known as Barbie blonde, this color is equal parts edgy and mesmerizing. This color is a bit different from white blonde because it’s not as harsh.

Even though platinum blonde is pretty light, there is still a touch of softness to it that will add that sun-kissed look to your hair whenever you go out in the sun.

Platinum blonde is a hard color to get, especially on dark hair, so if you want to sport this shade, then you’ll need to go to town with the toning and get rid of the brassy and orange undertones. However, once that hiccup is crossed, you will love the look of your mane. The hair will look so gorgeous and effortless that you’ll want it to remain platinum blonde for all time. Talk about an addictive blonde color.


If you don’t want to completely cross the line and commit to blonde and you want something warm in the blonde category, then a brown blonde, a.k.a. bronde will be a perfect choice. It’s a color that’s the best of both worlds. It’s soft and warm from the brown hints and there is still that signature blonde lightness to it, that will make everyone go “Wow”.

If you want to rock the same hair as Sabrina Carpenter, then this is the color you want to go for. Your hair will look like a sun-kissed dream and you’ll want to flaunt it everywhere you go. This color looks amazing on curly, wavy, and straight hair.

Dirty Blonde

This blonde is also quite warm and it is best defined as a blonde mane that’s been tossed around in dirt, yet it still looks glamorous, hence the name. This color is no-fuss and messy. It’s rough and tough and there’s no room for sophistication and perfection.

A great thing about dirty blonde is that you can go crazy with the “dirty” part of dirty blonde. You can either go for a brown base, a black base, or a dark caramel base; anything will work and it will make your hair look tousled and messy in the most fashionable way.

Chantilly Blonde

Beyoncé is not new in the game of introducing trendy hair colors now and then and this time, it’s a chantilly blonde. This blonde is creamy and luxurious while still having that signature light undertone. The creamy color also gives Chantilly blonde a warmer look and it is wearable in every season.

If you want your hair to look delectable like a pile of desserts, then this color is good enough to eat. When the light hits just right, your hair will transition from light to creamy and it just looks out of this world.

Brushed Blonde

Are you not a fan of a block of color on your hair and you want something with a bit more body and texture? Well, brushed blonde is here to save the day. What’s amazing is that this color doesn’t look like that in-your-face blonde. It’s a liaison between an ombre and a full-on blonde.

If you don’t want to dramatically change your hair color overnight and want to slowly ease into the world of blonde, then this ombre/brushed blonde is the way to go. Your mane will still have your existing hair color but with strands of blonde here and there.

Blonde Balayage

If you don’t want chunky highlights but still want some subtle drama in the hair, then a blonde balayage is the way to go. Think of it as blonde highlights randomly going through your hair in almost a similar design as painting strokes that look natural and beautiful.

A blonde Balayage is also a very cool entry-level blonde shade that won’t make your hair look white but there will still be a change in the color that people will notice. So, if that’s the goal, then head to a good balayage hair salon Rockville and get balayage-d because you won’t regret it.

Honey Blonde

Have you ever looked at a jar of honey and thought: I want this color on my hair, but a little bit lighter? Well, that’s exactly what honey blonde is. It’s a milky blonde that’s similar to a jar of honey mixed in with a bit of milk to give it that iridescent and beautiful color.

Honey blonde is amazing because it makes the hair look almost golden when you get out in the sun, so your hair will look like a treat for the eyes. The honey color also adds that much-needed warmth to the mane and it’s overall a great blonde color.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne blonde is a very beautiful and wearable color. It’s kind of like a perfect blend of light and dark color, kind of like the beautiful and hard-to-make-out color of a glass of champagne. The beauty of this color is that you can go as warm or cool-toned as you want, making this color very versatile and amazing for beginners too.

You can even go a couple of shades darker if you want, but the most loved color is light and somewhat yellow with a hint of sparkle. This color is a winner in many people’s books and it might just become your favorite as well. So, try it out.

Sandy Blonde

If you want your hair to look like the glittering sand on the beach, then sandy blonde is a perfect color. It’s also a combination of brown and blonde but it looks very beautiful. The sun will reflect off the strands and make the hair look like a work of art.

This color is perfect for the hot summer months, but it’s also muted enough to work in the winter months too. So, the next time you want to embody the beach in your hair, sandy blonde is what you need.


Blonde is a very wearable color depending on the shade you go for. These blonde colors will have you swooning. If you have picked a favorite, head to top rated hair salons Rockville for a new hair appearance.

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