Top Fixes For Walk-In Cooler Problems

Walk-in coolers are large-sized commercial refrigerators that are specifically designed to keep multiple food items cool and fresh. These coolers are usually found at departmental stores to store drinks, frozen food items, vegetables, etc. However, walk-in coolers can sometimes run into problems. To help you understand better, let’s discusses the common problems along with their fixes to help you keep things moving if you don’t have a commercial kitchen appliance repair technician around.

Inconsistent Cooler Temperature

One of the most common problems with walk-in coolers is inconsistent cooler temperatures. The reason could be the malfunctioning of the backflow prevention device. As a result, the temperature sensor will give wrong readings. If you did not know, a backflow prevention device is a component inside the walk-in cooler that prevents cooler gas from entering the condensation chamber or the storage units.

If the gas enters the condensation chamber, it raises the condenser’s temperature. Eventually, there will come a point where the walk-in cooler’s temperature won’t be able to keep up or make up for heat in the condenser. Thus, the temperature sensor will give wrong readings.

Since the backflow prevention device is electrical, it can give up anytime due to any reason. In most cases, the device needs to be replaced. Although, the position of the backflow prevention device is more or less the same in walk-in coolers but can also vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

Furthermore, you should also check the thermostat. Sometimes, they also tend to malfunction or need calibration. A faulty thermostat won’t communicate properly with the control board. So, you might have a cooler that is either blowing warm air or struggling to maintain the right temperature.

In either case, you will need to contact a professional.

Leaking Water

Leaking water is another common problem among walk-in coolers. There are several reasons contributing to this issue. If the unit happens to be old, water could leak due to worn-out seals or gaskets. A normal working walk-in cooler will have water draining through the drain line as ice is formed and melted by the evaporator.

With time, the drain pipe gets clogged and you will need to unclog it manually. But if that is not the case, age might be the factor. Sometimes, when the unit reaches its maximum lifespan, the components turn weak and are not able to perform the way they are supposed to.

In such cases, replacing the components may or may not work. As a general rule of thumb, if the device is ten years or older, you should consider replacing it. But if the unit is new and is leaking water, you should check its position and angle.

The walk-in cooler needs to be installed on a level surface. If they are tilted to one side, water leakage may take place. If ignored, mold will grow and might affect your stored food items as well. Therefore, to fix water leakage issues, you need to determine the source.

It could also be that the unit needs thorough cleaning and maintenance. If everything seems to be fine and you are still not able to find out the source, hire an expert to carry out walk in cooler repair Northern VA.

Strange Odor

Strange odors are yet another common problem in walk-in coolers and can take place due to a variety of reasons. First of all, an unusual smell might indicate rotting food items. What this also means is that the unit is not able to maintain the required temperature.

It could also be that the strange odor is not related to food but something else. It might be the coolant tank leaking. The only reason the coolant tank will leak is if the unit is very old and the components have expired. This indicates that you either need to replace the tank or opt for a replacement.

And to be extra sure, you should check the expiry date of the food items before placing them inside. Sometimes, the problem may not be as big and could easily be resolved by removing spoiled food items.

Frosting In The Cooler

Every walk-in cooler comes with an evaporator coil that regulates the refrigeration temperature and prevents the formation of ice by melting it. The evaporator coil is joined by an evaporator fan that helps melt away any ice formed on the coil or other parts of the unit to avoid damage.

However, the evaporator coils tend to malfunction due to the accumulation of dirt and dust causing the formation of ice and permanent damage to the unit. This is why the maintenance of commercial refrigerators and walk-in coolers is always stressed.

Walk-in coolers will only keep the interior cool as long as they can dissipate heat. If there are layers of dirt and dust on the coils, ice formation will take place and affect the performance of the unit.

Strange Noises

Walk-in coolers like other electrical appliances can produce strange noises and sounds. These unusual sounds indicate there is a problem. There are several components that could produce squeaking or chirping sounds.

For instance, the compressor might have gone wrong and the bearings inside could cause the squeaking sound. It could also be that the evaporator fan motor has malfunctioned and is producing a grinding noise. In such a case, you need to immediately shut down the unit and inspect it for damages.

If the unit is old, chances are that the faulty component needs replacement. However, if the unit is new, you might be able to get it replaced under warranty. Make sure to unplug the unit from the power source before inspecting it.

The components inside walk-in coolers can carry an electric charge and may result in a shock.

How Can I Prevent Walk-In Cooler Problems?

The best way to prevent walk-in coolers is by performing regular inspections and maintenance. If you own several commercial walk-in coolers, you should train and educate your staff about the importance of cleaning and maintenance.

Several studies show that the majority of walk-in cooler problems are a direct result of ignorance. This means that cleaning and maintenance can not only solve but also prevent problems in the future. In addition to that, expert maintenance is equally important.

Some business owners may consider cleaning and maintenance from their staff to suffice, but they are mistaken. Daily cleaning and maintenance has its benefits, but expert maintenance is still important for every appliance in your facility.

Depending on the usage frequency, you should get your walk-in cooler maintained at least once or twice a year. An expert will thoroughly clean the unit and perform a deep inspection to ensure everything is working fine.

If there are any cracks, damage, or leakages observed, the expert will fix them on the spot. Sure, these services are going to cost but at the end of the day, will help prevent major problems down the road as well. These inspections will also give a heads up when your walk-in cooler needs to be replaced.


In most cases, regular inspections and maintenance will keep problems at bay. However, you need to be on the lookout for unusual signs and noises and get them immediately fixed by commercial refrigerator services Alexandria to prevent expensive replacements.

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