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What Are The Reasons For Commercial HVAC Airflow Problems?

Commercial HVAC units are specifically designed to keep commercial spaces cool and comfortable. Like other electric appliances, these units can also run into problems related to airflow. If you suddenly realize there is a problem with the airflow of your commercial HVAC unit, you need to get down to fixing it. Several reasons could cause this issue and you need to know how to troubleshoot them to get things going or get in touch with commercial air conditioning repair services.

Clogged Filters

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to commercial HVAC airflow problems is clogged filters. Filters are simply designed to purify the air pulled in by the unit. They do so by trapping the contaminants. As a result, the filters become clogged due to air and dust accumulation.

Although cleaning the air filters and ensuring proper maintenance is key to the smooth operation of commercial HVAC units, owners often neglect this factor. Filters may be a small component as compared to the others but play a crucial role in cooling and airflow.

So, if you observe that your commercial HVAC unit is not effectively cooling the place, you should check its airflow. If the airflow is suspicious, you need to check the air filter. Clean the air filter and reinstall it. If the unit is several years old, you might need to replace the air filter. Consult the user manual to become aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Blocked Vents

Blocked vents are another reason your commercial HVAC unit might be struggling with proper airflow. Then again, cleaning and ensuring the cleanliness of vents is equally important as the air filters. It is only logical that the cool air from the unit is distributed through the vents.

If the vents tend to be blocked, the airflow will decrease. It could also be that the vents are obstructed by furniture or some other decorative items. You will need to remove such items for the vents to properly circulate air. And if the unit has remained neglected for quite some time, there are chances of stubborn accumulations.

You may or may not be able to remove such blockages on your own and it would be wise to hire an expert who carries less risk of damaging the unit during the process.

Duct Problems

Now that you have checked the air filters and vents, it is time to shift your attention to the ducts. Ducts also contribute a fair share of airflow problems in commercial HVAC units. These components help with efficient ventilation and remove harmful gasses, stale air, and smoke from the building.

This means clogged ducts can also cause airflow problems. With time, ducts can also leak that cause air to escape. In that case, not only will you experience inefficient airflow but also cooling. Depending on the leakage, you may or may not be able to detect the hole especially if it is very small.

But you cannot rule out the cause. Therefore, you will need to consult HVAC repair services Stony Brook, who will perform a thorough cleaning and inspection of the ducts. Using special tools, they will be able to find out and fix any potential leaks before they turn serious.

Incorrect Size

This is one of the most common mistakes companies and homeowners tend to make. It is assumed that an HVAC unit smaller or bigger than the actual space will help reduce electricity and improve cooling. But that is not the case. If you observe that your building does not feel cool and comfortable and there is a problem with the air conditioner, there isn’t one.

Instead, the problem lies with your decision to choose an incorrect size. If the HVAC unit is not able to cool down the entire space, it means it is struggling to do so due to being smaller than the area. In this case, you cannot do much but replace or install another unit.

Keep in mind that an HVAC unit should only be purchased after measuring the space where it is to be installed. If you do guesswork, you are most likely to waste your money.

Thermostat Malfunction

Electronic appliances, unlike mechanical ones, can give up anytime, anywhere. Sometimes, you may not be able to find the cause. The same is the case with thermostats. Thermostats ensure proper temperature and communicate with the control board of the HVAC to maintain the temperature.

Even if the HVAC unit is new, the thermostat can still run into problems and need replacement. However, if you are using an aftermarket thermostat, then the problem is more likely. In some cases, the thermostats can be fixed by recalibration. However, you will need an expert in both cases.

Dirty Coils

Dirty Coils do not necessarily affect the air flow but that does not mean it is impossible. The coils in your HVAC unit help dissipate heat. With time, these coils accumulate dust and dirt, which disturbs the performance of the unit. Since the coils are not able to dissipate heat in such cases, they overheat.

As a result, not only the cooling is affected but also other components. In most cases, the unit comes under extreme stress and gradually loses its power and airflow. This is why it is important to schedule expert maintenance at least once annually.

Do not attempt to clean the coils on your own. These components can carry an electric charge and may result in serious injury.

Obstructed Outdoor Unit

Outdoor units are tough components made to withstand extreme weather conditions. However, with time, the strength of the outdoor unit decreases as it bears thunderstorms, heat waves, and snow. Moreover, if the outdoor unit is installed near trees, plants, and shrubs, it is highly likely for dead leaves and branches to end up in the outdoor unit.

This could block the components or simply damage them upon contact. Therefore, while installing the outdoor unit, you need to make sure there are no trees and shrubs in the surroundings. In addition to that, you should also perform weekly inspections and schedule expert maintenance to remove potentially threatening sources.

How Often Should An HVAC Unit Be Cleaned?

An HVAC unit must be professionally cleaned and maintained at least once a year or more depending on the usage frequency. Professional maintenance not only includes thorough cleaning but also inspection, repairs, and replacements.

This is important to keep the unit running effortlessly for years to come. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want the unit to break down just in the middle of the summer season. Sometimes, HVAC units do not show any problems until they are in their worst state.

But with a professional looking after the unit, they will be able to spot the problem from miles away. This is why, instead of considering it as an expense, you should think of professional maintenance as an investment.


Airflow problems are common in commercial HVAC units. However, what is more important is that you are equipped with the information and knowledge to act swiftly. Besides that, you can avoid all such problems in the future by scheduling professional maintenance in the present. If any problems occur, you can try the fixes above and if they don’t work, let commercial AC repair services Huntington inspect your unit.

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