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10 Things You Need To Know About Bamboo Countertops

Bamboo is not just a beautiful tree to look at, but it’s a unique and beautiful choice for kitchen countertop replacement. Here is everything you need to know about these countertops, from good to bad and everything in between.

Bamboo Is Antimicrobial

You might not know this but a lot of countertops can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses and they can easily transfer from the surface to the food you’re prepping on them. Well, you can rest assured because there’s no need to worry about microorganisms contaminating your food on bamboo countertops.

Bamboo is a natural antimicrobial and it can repel bacteria from thriving on the surface of the countertops. It’s quite a healthy option for people who use their countertops for literally everything, from cutting raw meats, fruits, and vegetables, to cooking and prepping. You will be surprised that the antimicrobial properties of bamboo are preserved even during the countertop fabrication process, so you can easily do all of the work on these countertops without the fear of bacteria contaminating your food.

Also, bamboo is a healthier option than other natural stones because it’s somewhat non-porous and it doesn’t allow things to get stuck in the small grooves and crevices of the surface, which are also very favored places for bacteria to hide out and thrive.

It Can Be Ruined By Heat

Bamboo might be great but it isn’t heat resistant. It is a material that can be ruined and blistered by heat and the appearance of those ugly black stains is not the best sight in the world. It’s suggested that you use a cutting board, butcher’s block, or something like a trivet to place your hot pots and pans on, because these countertops will be ruined by the shock of heat on the surface.

If you’re constantly letting the countertops get in contact with the hot stuff, then you better be prepared for the look of these countertops afterward, because they won’t be as pretty as they were before.

It’s Sustainable

Bamboo is a very sustainable material, in general. Bamboo countertops are like wooden countertops and they are made from the wood-like material from the bamboo grass and treated with additives to make it long-lasting for the kitchen.

These countertops are very eco-friendly as the wood emits twice (and even more) oxygen than regular woody plants and that’s an amazing thing for keeping the Earth fresh, clean, and healthy. It’s also good for use in the kitchen, because it doesn’t only look pleasing to the eye, but it has hidden health benefits as well.

Bamboo Is Good For Health

Speaking of health benefits, bamboo is truly a gift of nature. It is a healthier alternative to other natural and man-made materials because think about it; all of the other stones and countertop materials are being made in huge factories and are producing a ton of waste that’s being discharged out in the open, but that isn’t the case with bamboo.

It’s not only sustainable but easy on the environment when it’s being fabricated as well and you can’t find a lot of materials that can promote better health and overall well-being of humans besides bamboo.

Reasonable In Price

You might think that bamboo, because it’s eco-friendly and whatnot, is going to be insanely expensive and you can never afford it. Well, think again. You will be happy to know that bamboo is a very reasonable material when it comes the price and it’s not going to leave a dent in your wallet.

You will get more bang for your buck and judging by how long these countertops last, you will be in for a treat. There aren’t a lot of materials that are reasonably priced, sustainable for the environment, and long-lasting, so bamboo is a perfect material that ticks almost all of the boxes.

It’s Renewable

Bamboo is not something that is quarried out of the ground or made by destroying trees altogether that take years to grow. Bamboo is the fastest-growing grass (not a tree) and it grows up to 4 inches every single day. This is why when they’re cut for making countertops, there isn’t a lot of damage because more trees are growing at a rapid rate.

So, it can safely be said that bamboo grasses are renewable and the countertops made from these grasses are not going to hurt the atmosphere either, that’s a wonderful thing.

It Can Chip Easily

Bamboo is a seemingly perfect material, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have any demerits. One of the major drawbacks of bamboo countertops is that it’s not strong enough to prevent chips and breakage along the sides of the surface. The edges of the countertops are extremely weak and they can break under impact.

The surface of bamboo countertops is also susceptible to breakage and chipping, especially if you put a lot of weight on them. So, it’s advised that you don’t ruin the countertops by putting a lot of weight on them, otherwise, you’re inviting trouble. If you need something better in this department, then consider quartz or granite countertops Raleigh NC.

Surprisingly Durable

Even though bamboo countertops can break under forces and pressure, they’re still quite durable. They can last up to 20 years if you maintain them properly and they do very well in the kitchen. They are water repellent by nature, they are great for health and the environment and they are an overall wonderful option to go for.

If you want to go for a kitchen countertop option that’s durable and will last long in the kitchen, then bamboo is a perfect choice and you will not regret this purchase. It’s truly an amazing material with lots of qualities.

It Absorbs Moisture

Bamboo is known for its hygroscopic properties. A hygroscopic material is something that absorbs water from the surroundings and keeps the surroundings free from moisture. The same can be said about bamboo countertops. They are amazing at absorbing excess moisture from the air but the catch is that they don’t get damaged either by absorbing all of this water.

However, bamboo does expand and contract when water is absorbed in the material, so that’s something you need to keep in mind, especially if you are cutting the countertop or if it’s chipped or cracked from somewhere. Moreover, liquid absorption can also lead to stains.

Maintenance Is Required

Almost every single countertop out there needs some sort of maintenance and bamboo countertops aren’t any different either. Bamboo is a very forgiving material, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to maintain it.

If you want your countertops to last long, then you need to slave over the maintenance at least once a year. That involves deep cleaning, polishing, sealing (if that’s necessary), filling up any cracks and divots that might be present on the surface and other tasks. The bamboo countertops will look brand new again in no time.


Bamboo is an aesthetically pleasing and wonderful material for the kitchen. Even though you can’t find many colors and design variation with bamboo countertops, they are renewable, unique, and durable. Find a granite company Durham NC that offer bamboo countertop slabs as well and choose from the patterns and colors they have.

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