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Pros And Cons Of Distilled Water

There are various types of water based on the method of purification and depending on the water delivery service you choose. Distilled water is also one of the many types of water offered by a majority of bottled water home delivery companies. Here is everything you need to know about distilled water, from the good to the bad.

Pros Of Distilled Water

Here are some things that make distilled water superior to other purified water types.

It Has Zero Impurities

Distilled water is 100% pure water. It has no traces of impurities, bacteria, viruses, or anything. It’s all hydrogen and oxygen and that couldn’t be better. Distilled water is the purest form of water because it’s made by condensation of the vapors of water.

Sometimes, with other water types, the impurities can still be present and there’s not a single purification system that can remove all of the impurities in one go. This is why distilled water is amazing, because it’s purified with one method only and that gets rid of all of the nasty stuff in the water.

No matter how dirty or impure the water was before distillation, you will get the purest form of water, after the fact and it can be consumed easily without any hesitation or worry about it being dirty, because that’s not the case at all, thanks to the slow and effective process of distillation.

Perfect For People With Stomach Issues

Distilled water is used by people as well. People who suffer from stomach issues, like very bad ulcers in digestive tract issues are advised to incorporate distilled water in their diets. The reason is that distilled water doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or impurities that can further irritate the stomach or make the issues worse, so it’s perfect for them.

If someone is suffering from a very degenerative immune disorder, then distilled water is for them too. If you test distilled water, it contains nothing except for liquid hydrogen and oxygen. This makes the water perfect for consumption for someone who has really bad health and can’t risk drinking normal purified water because the trace quantities of impurities can lead to detrimental results.

So, the next time you need pure and fresh water, then distilled water is the way to go because it’s the safest water out there and you won’t get sick after drinking this water. You can get distilled water in bottles from health food stores or your normal water delivery service if they provide distilled water. It’s not hard to find, and a bit of research will lead you the way to finding distilled water for daily consumption.

Good For Distribution

Since distilled water doesn’t contain anything, like no salts, no impurities, and no precipitates, it’s a great thing to distribute over long distances through pipelines. Although distilled water cannot be distributed normally, like other water types, it’s still easier to do so theoretically, because there is no impurity in it and it won’t cause the water pipes to get damaged.

A lot of the time, water pipes can get clogged because scales and impurities can get deposited on the walls of the pipes and the repair can be frustrating to say the least.

Moreover, distilled water is good for home and commercial appliances like dishwashers as well because they won’t get clogged with minerals in the water.

Great For Labs

Distilled water is primarily used in labs to conduct various tests. It’s also used in industries to make medicine, sodas, and other food items. Distilled water is the primary choice of water used in industries and this is the main purpose of this water. It’s not used domestically as much, minus the exception of people who suffer from severe health issues.

Regardless, distilled water can be really hard to get your hands on in vast quantities, which is why a lot of industries and labs have their distillation units from where they can get gallons upon gallons of distilled water.

Cons Of Distilled Water

Here are some things that don’t make distilled water great at all.

It Doesn’t Taste Like Anything

You’ve heard endlessly that distilled water is the purest and safest form of water, but is the purest form of water appetizing to the taste buds? Well, the answer would be in the negative. Distilled water tastes very bland and flat, almost bitter, to the point where you might not want to drink it.

The absence of minerals and salts makes this water very plain and boring. We all can agree that regular water has impurities, but the minerals and salts in it make it taste really good. The same can’t be said about distilled water, however. Even purified water from a water filtration system Meadville probably tastes better.

It Doesn’t Contain Minerals

Your body’s electrolyte balance is in the hands of minerals and essential salts. Sadly, distilled water doesn’t contain any type of mineral in it, because it’s stripped away in the distillation process. This is not good because if your body has an electrolyte imbalance, then you can’t replenish it with water anymore.

You’re going to need special mineral supplements to help you with that. This is why people who drink distilled water regularly have to incorporate supplements in their diet as well, to make up for lost electrolytes and all that.

Distilling Water Is Hard

Distillation might be the process where you can get pure water in one go, but nobody said that it would be a cakewalk. Purification of distilled water is carried out by a process called distillation. In distillation, the water is boiled until vapors are formed. These vapors are then condensed by bringing their temperature down quickly and that’s distilled water.

Distilling a liter of water can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours and the result will be about 100 ml of distilled water. So, it’s a combination of effort and machinery all for a mere 100 ml of distilled water.

It’s Expensive

Distillation isn’t cheap either. It involves the use of heavy machinery and a lot of power goes into boiling and condensing water. It’s not something you can install in your house, as you please. It’s going to put a huge dent in your wallet and you’re going to see just how expensive the process is. It also doesn’t lead to the production of big batches of water.

One liter of normal water can lead to only 85 to 100 ml of distilled water, which is not a lot if you think about using it regularly.

It Contains Free Radicals

Distillation produces very pure water, that’s a fact but it also leads to the production of hydrogen in its purest form, and that can lead to free radicals forming as well. Free radicals are compounds that have electrons in an unsteady state and that can mess up the cells of your body. Free radicals can lead to cancer and other degenerative diseases.

So, distilled water needs to be consumed carefully because the last thing you need is another harmful untreatable disease. Who would’ve guessed that distilled water can be dangerous?


You might think that distilled water is the most perfect and pure water to exist on Earth, but it’s good to know about the whole picture instead of just believing the facts that barely scratch the surface. You can also contact a drinking water delivery service Erie to check out which other types of water they offer.

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