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Why Is There Ice Buildup In My Freezer?

Freezers are smart technologies that help keep food items fresh. As time goes by, they tend to run into problems that frustrate us. Ice buildup in your freezer is one of them. Such a situation might occur from nowhere and you might be left stranded with no idea of what to do about it other than to call in an appliance repair expert. We will help you tackle the issue by sharing some important tips.

The Freezer Is Too Full

One of the reasons your freezer might be experiencing ice buildup is because it is too full. It is a common mistake made by homeowners to assume that freezers are supposed to be packed to the brim. You might have observed that freezers come with storage spaces inside that are intended to prevent excess stuffing.

However, users believe they can use every inch of the space. This disturbs the circulation of cold air, which can produce moisture and turn into frost or ice. The solution to this problem is easy and that is to leave some space. The reason there are several storage spaces inside a freezer is to help the air circulate properly.

Apart from frost or ice buildup, improper air circulation can also lead to food spoiling. Therefore, instead of stuffing the spaces with food items, you should only utilize the spaces available and store the additional items somewhere else.

The Gasket Seal Is Damaged

Not many people are aware of the fact that freezers come with gaskets and seals that prevent outside air from entering inside. Freezers have to maintain a specific temperature inside, and outside air making its way inside could cause problems. With time, the gaskets and seals tend to crack and get damaged.

This calls for the replacement of the gaskets and seals. Keep in mind that ice buildup will prove to be a problem for the freezer because keeping the insides cool will become more difficult. This will also impact the compressor. This will not only raise the energy bills but also decrease the lifespan of your freezer.

To prevent this issue from taking place, you should regularly inspect the freezer gasket and seals. If replacement is needed, you should opt for the exact replacement. Plus, you can replace them on your own as well but if not, you should consult an expert.

The Door Isn’t Sealing Properly

While the gaskets and seals are one thing, the door not sealing properly is another. Although these types of problems are rare in new units, the way the unit is used and treated also affects its lifespan. Freezer doors are designed to seal when they are closed.

This is done to prevent cold air escaping and warm air entering the unit. However, if you observe ice buildup, it means the door isn’t sealing properly and allowing cold air to escape. Sometimes, this could also be a dirty gasket.

As a result, the freezer is working harder to freeze the food inside. Then again, it is going to be a complete waste of resources. The solution is to clean the door seal and see if it fixes the solution. However, if the cold air continues to escape, it means the gasket will need to be replaced.

The Freezer Isn’t Level

This is one of those things that homeowners underestimate and hardly believe has any impact on the freezer. A freezer not placed on a leveled surface is going to have problems performing. The door won’t seal properly and will cause cold air to escape.

Furthermore, if you observe puddles of water near the freezer, it could also be a sign that the freezer is not level. Plus, if you have placed something under the freezer to improve its height, it could be that it has slightly warped, sending the unit out of alignment.

This is why you must always pick a level surface and ensure the unit is not tilting to one side.

The Freezer Is Too Old

Sometimes, the problem with the freezer is something out of your control. Every household appliance comes with a lifespan no matter how well-maintained it is. After a certain period, it will need to go and a new one will be brought in. The same is the case with freezers as well.

Even if you offer proper maintenance to your freezer, it will begin experiencing problems after a decade or so. This is because the components wear out and become weak with time. In such situations, you have no other option other than to buy a new unit.

Some people choose to spend on expensive repairs and replacements only for the unit to run into problems again. However, if they were to save money and buy a replacement, they would be better off.

However, before making this decision, get a refrigerator ice maker repair Alexandria professional to check your freezer. If your freezer is too old or has many problematic components, they will suggest a replacement. But if the unit is newer and the repair is not too huge, they will recommend a repair or a replacement of a bad component.

The Door Is Left Open Very Often

One of the most common mistakes made by homeowners is grabbing a snack from the freezer and not turning it back to make sure the door is properly closed. Additionally, the door is often left open without realizing that it needs to be closed. As a result, the cold air escapes, and the outside air makes its way inside causing ice buildup.

This is usually done by kids who are not able to apply force or reach proper heights. This means if you have kids in the house who like to play around with the freezer, make sure it is closed properly to prevent frost buildup.

Scheduling Expert Maintenance

Another noteworthy reason your freezer might be experiencing ice buildup is lack of maintenance. Freezers like most of your household appliances need regular maintenance. Expert maintenance is not only about cleaning but also inspecting the freezer for flaws.

Sometimes, the problems could be so minor that homeowners fail to notice. Eventually, they turn into bigger problems and result in expensive repairs. That said, it is extremely important that you schedule expert maintenance at least once a year or more depending on the usage frequency.

Moreover, you should also keep an eye on any cracks and leaks that will require an immediate fix. An expert will make sure the flaws are detected before they become serious. This helps you avoid many kinds of freezer repairs and replacements.

Plus, freezers have several different components. Accessing and inspecting the components could be risky. However, experts by using professional tools can do so combined with skills and expertise. Although, it could be an expensive investment but keeps you out of trouble for a long time.


Ice buildup is a serious problem in freezers and you should try to fix it as soon as possible. Ignoring the situation might land you in trouble. So, consult a refrigerator repair Northern VA professional if you don’t have the skill or tools to inspect your freezer and fix it. As a prevention technique, invest in expert maintenance and keep an eye out for unusual signs & symptoms.

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