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Granite vs Quartz vs Quartzite Countertops

There are so many countertop materials to choose from. Depending on strength, durability, and variety, there are a lot of options available for you like quartz and granite countertops. Here is everything you need to know about granite, quartz, and quartzite countertops.

Granite Countertops

Granite is a natural stone and it is mined from the surface of the Earth. It has a beautiful appearance, with a darker-colored base stone and subtle veining which looks extremely beautiful and mesmerizing.

It is the strongest and most durable natural stone and it is also undoubtedly the most favored option for people who want to get something timeless and classic for their kitchen countertops. It is extremely resistant to heat and forces and it won’t crack easily either. It can be expensive, but if you maintain it and take good care, then these countertops will last you a long time.

Pros Of Granite Countertops

They don’t need to be cleaned as much, because their surface is dark and it can get away with not being cleaned for a day or two. Dust doesn’t normally show on granite countertops.

You can work with hot pots and pans on this countertop. Since granite is a stone found deep inside the Earth, it has a high temperature resistance and it doesn’t need to be protected from heat. But to keep its shine, you should use trivets.

Granite countertops add a lot of value to your home when you go and sell it. It is considered to be a luxury item in the kitchen and is the best kitchen remodeling investment.

Cons Of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are insanely expensive. This is one of the main reasons why people don’t go for it.

These countertops need to be sealed. Since natural stones are porous, they can act as sponges and can absorb liquid and any other fluid quickly. This can lead to severe damage to the stone within no time at all, which is why it is advised to seal granite countertops if you want them to last long. What makes this a drawback is that it’s one extra thing that you need to do and sealing can cost you a lot too.

Granite reacts violently with acids and harsh chemicals and this can ruin the stone altogether, by forming small holes on the surface of the countertop. This is why it’s recommended that you use pH-balanced cleaners for wiping down granite countertops.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a man-made material. It may seem pretty similar in appearance to marble, but it has added strength and durability, which makes it a much better choice than soft and fragile marble. It is mostly available in light colors, but there is a dark range as well. Usually, this material is no-fuss, as it doesn’t need any maintenance. It doesn’t need to be looked after, unlike marble, which needs a lot of maintenance.

Quartz, however, being light-colored, needs to be cleaned every so often, otherwise, it can appear dirty. This is just one of the drawbacks that come with buying light-colored countertops for your kitchen, but other than that, it’s a pretty hefty material that will last you for years to come.

Pros Of Quartz Countertops

Since quartz is a man-made material, it has ultimate strength and durability. There is no comparison of quartz, at least with natural stones, because engineering a countertop material is like making a seemingly perfect stone, which is going to last you for a long time.

It doesn’t need to be sealed. The making of quartz is so meticulous that it transforms the slab into a non-porous rock, so there is no need to go the extra step and seal it. This will save you a lot of money. This property also makes quartz kitchen tops Potomac water-proof and stain resistant.

It doesn’t need any maintenance. This is one of the few countertop materials, which are the definition of “set it and forget it”.

Cons Of Quartz Countertops

Man-made quartz is extremely expensive, but if you think about all of the other advantages of this stone, the price is fully justified. However, for someone who can’t afford to buy quartz countertops, it may be a problem.

Something so strong is bound to break and this also applies to quartz. Although this stone is very strong, it can only endure so much and if there is a crack forming on the surface of quartz, then it needs to be fixed or replaced. Fixing cracks can cost you a small fortune because it’s hard to bring back the smooth look of the countertop.

Another drawback of quartz is that it has a temporary shine to it. Over time, it can become dull and if you want to preserve it, then you need to have it varnished or polished every now and then.

Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite may seem similar to quartz because the name sounds pretty much the same, but it is not. Quartzite is a naturally occurring stone. It is a metamorphic stone and the main composition of this stone is sandstone. Under high temperatures, the sandstone gets melted and it compacts into big rocks, which are then mined and turned into slabs.

These slabs can then be cut down to size and polished to give them a pristine and lustrous appearance. It is a hard stone and it is extremely durable as well. It is harder than granite, judging by its graduation on the Mohs hardness scale. It is available in a variety of colors and there is something for everyone.

The main feature of quartzite countertops is the horizontal lines on the surface of the slab, which are slightly darker than the light or beige base color of the stone. This is what differentiates quartzite from quartz. Quartz usually has a more grainy pattern on its surface.

Pros Of Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite has an upper hand over granite, and quartz to some extent, on the fact that it doesn’t get damaged by acid and harsh chemicals. The composition of this stone makes it chemically inert.

Quartzite is easier to deal with than hard stones like granite, so there are a ton of options for edges that you can get done on this stone.

Its cleaning is super easy and you don’t need fancy cleaning agents to get the job done. Normal detergent and a washcloth work just fine.

Cons Of Quartzite Countertops

This stone needs to be sealed. You can get away with not sealing it, but if you want to ensure longevity then it’s best to go the extra mile and have it sealed.

It is mildly resistant to stains. Because quartzite is a light-colored stone, even the lightest of stains can show and it can look highly unpleasant. This is why sealing it is a good idea because stains won’t be a problem then.

If cracks are formed on this stone, it will be a great pain to get them fixed.


There you have it! Now that you know what each of these materials is popular for, you can decide which one you want to go for, in your kitchen. Each material is unique and some qualities of one material can stand out more than the other. You can also visit a quartz countertops dealer Rockville for checking out the countertop materials and making your final decision.

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