10 Things You Should Rent Instead Of Buying For Your Wedding

When planning a wedding, you don’t need to buy out all the items you need. There are many things you can rent from wedding tent rentals that offer various items required for weddings. This can help you save money because renting costs lesser than buying. You can rent these things for your wedding.


Tents are the most common items rented for outdoor weddings. Even when the weather is dry, you should consider protecting your guests from the blazing sun, so tents are a no-brainer for outdoor weddings.

You can find different types of tents, fabrics, designs, and colors so you can choose the best for your wedding. Moreover, a tent isn’t rented alone, but you may need its more related items as well like a marquee entrance.

Tables And Chairs

You want your guests seated for the ceremony and the reception, so getting tables and chairs is another obvious item to rent. Different designs and types of tables and chairs may have different rents, so be sure to know the rent the type of tables and chairs you’re renting to avoid disputes later.

Linens And Napkins

You don’t need to buy tablecloths, napkins, and table linens because rentals provide a wide variety of fabrics and designs. You can choose any that goes well with the overall theme of your wedding.

Dinnerware And Glassware

All the items that will be used for eating can be easily rented. When renting dinnerware, flatware, and glassware, discuss the items you need, and don’t forget the small items that are usually ignored.

It’s possible that the venue you choose already has dinnerware and glassware, but it may not be as to your liking. So, connect with a rental that offers the style of items that will give off the impression you want.


Lighting adds much-needed flavor to a wedding. It serves two main purposes. The first purpose is to offer light so everything seems clear and bright in the evening/night and the second purpose is to décor and added beauty.

Carefully selected lighting and designs can give your wedding a dreamy and fairytale look. Apart from traditional lighting choices, you can find many unique lighting options that can easily upscale your wedding venue’s look.

Candle Holders, Vases, And Other Décor Items

You won’t believe the amount and variations of wedding décor items a rental company has. Lucky for you, you don’t need to get overwhelmed and only have to benefit from this opportunity. Find the décor items available with your chosen company and include the ones that match the theme and aesthetics of your wedding.

For instance, you can rent pillows to make your wedding venue appear more relaxed and laid back. Select from the different colors and designs and add more comfort for your guests. Similarly, you can also get shutters and blinds as décor items.


If you want your wedding photos to look unique and beautiful, consider renting some cool backdrops. They not only make photos better, but you can use backdrops to hide problematic spots of the venue like the back of the house.

Side Tables

Renting side tables for your wedding can give it a nice cozy vibe. The venue will appear more authentic and likable. Your guests will appreciate it because they will have some side tables to use for placing their drinks on it.


Flowers are considered a must for weddings and rightfully so. The arrangement and décor of the flowers can impact the appearance of the venue so discuss ideas with your rental or florist for the placement of flowers and the items required for the purpose like vases, aisle marker stands, vessels, arches, and more.


Outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions can’t do without them. Therefore, arranging a power generator or a similar source of electricity is essential for your wedding to go as planned. You don’t need to calculate and select the generator. Inform the rental of your preferences and they will advise the correct generator size for the wedding.


Renting out most wedding items is a smart move because they offer affordability and you get the latest designs and options to choose from. Connect with a wedding party rentals Rockland NY to get quotes and book the items you require for the wedding.

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