10 Graduation Party Planning Mistakes

It’s time to toss those hats and say goodbye to the years of college. Graduation parties are going to be on the agenda. So, you have to get on with planning and hiring party tent rentals. While you’re at it, here are some grave mistakes that you need to avoid when throwing the perfect grad party.

Party On The Same Day

Everyone’s graduation can be on different days, times, and even places, and while it may be tempting to get the party started at the peak of excitement, it’s not the best of ideas. Having a graduation party on the same day can be quite hectic. Running around from your actual graduation to the party isn’t the most practical and you won’t be able to fit everything in an already packed day.

So, the best thing to do is to simply reschedule. You can have the graduation party before or even after the graduation ceremony. Most people know that they’re graduating as soon as they get their transcripts, so once you have that, you can get the ball rolling and pump up the party.

Not Taking Pictures

This is your graduation! A moment that you will surely remember forever. If you’re not taking pictures, then that’s criminal. It’s understandable that a lot of people don’t care for pictures and, to be honest, they can be expensive, especially if you’re hiring a professional photographer. That’s where you can cook something up in your brain. Look around in your friends group and see if there’s someone who’s a pro with the lens. You can also go for a freelance photographer and this option will cost you way less.

Pictures are moments frozen in time and graduation is a pivotal one that defines your life, so don’t shy away from the camera and take as many wonderful, goofy, and hilarious pictures as you can. You don’t want to be that person who looks back and regrets not taking any pictures later. These small hand-sized pieces of paper are time capsules that can make you relive moments again.


Food is an important part of any party, and graduation parties are no exception. But here’s where you can make a mammoth mistake. Over-serving food or getting too much food prepared for the party, only to let it all go to waste, is not ideal. This can happen when you don’t have a solid idea as to how many people are coming and at what time the party is being held.

If it’s at an odd time, like in between lunch and dinner or after dinner, then it would be stupid to get a lot of food prepared. Create an estimate of the people coming and then decide the menu accordingly.

One Party For Everyone

This might sound like a budget-friendly decision, but it can backfire quickly. Why? Not everyone’s graduation is going to be on the same day or your friends might not even be in the same city as you, so the point of throwing a party for them can go out of the window.

This is what you want to do instead. Throw a couple of small parties to which everyone can contribute. In this way, your wallet won’t scream in agony and you and your friends can have multiple wonderful parties to attend.

Although they say that you should rent things for parties, you can also buy commonly used items that you can reuse for every party.

No Music

No music at graduation parties is like having to walk without legs. Music is the life of every party and you want to mix some beats for the biggest academic milestone in your life. If you can, try to get a DJ for the party because the vibe is going to hit differently.

Regardless, you still want there to be some energizing beats so that you and your pals can shake the college fatigue off and dance to your heart’s desire. You can also mix a couple of your and your friends’ favorite playlists and come up with a stunning mashup.

Not Spicing Up The Menu

You might have lived off microwaveable meals and instant noodles during college, but you need to get fancier than that if you want to throw a graduation party. Chips, salsa, and dips are not going to cut it. Now, you don’t need an elaborate 7-course meal for a grad party, but it should still be something that exudes the effort you’ve put in.

So, hit the drawing board and get some inspiration for a tantalizing graduation party menu that will make everyone’s stomachs grumble with anticipation. Try to include a couple of drinks and desserts too.

Using Repetitive Themes

There are a lot of themes for graduation parties, and it’s sad to say that all of them are pretty monotonous and outdated. As good as the golden theme, the gown theme, the achievers theme, etc. sound, they’re losing their touch and you don’t want your party to be the same old boring get-together.

Try to come up with different and unique themes for the party. For instance, you can go for a college theme that represents your and your friend’s colleges. You can also go for a degree theme where everyone has to dress up as their major. See? Not so boring now, is it? Look for party chair rentals Rockland NY who can provide you with tents and décor according to your theme.

Not Planning

Yes, the excitement is at its peak, but you don’t want to forget about the key steps when planning a graduation party. You need plan everything through so that you can have a load of action.

Having things planned out like the budget, guest list, theme, date, and venue will give your hypothetical idea a life form and things will come to life, once you execute them. So, ride that wave of excitement and glee and come back down to Earth, because the graduation party isn’t going to plan itself.

Not Inviting Close People

Graduation parties aren’t only anticipated by college grads, but families and even close neighbors need to be included on this joyous occasion. So, while you’re making the guest list, make sure to invite your close family members, grandparents, and even your neighbors, especially if you’re close with them. “The more, the merrier” should the motto.

You want everyone to celebrate this moment with you, along with your peers who are graduating. It’s graduation! You need to leave an impression behind that people will remember forever and inviting close people is always something that’s appreciated.

Not Considering A Venue

If you’re having a huge graduation party with 50+ guests, and you’re not considering a venue, then what are you doing? Graduation parties can be intimate, yes, but if there are a lot of guests and you’ve been hyping up graduation for a long time now, then you need to consider hosting it at an elaborate venue. It doesn’t need to be too fancy.

A restaurant or a small banquet will suffice. Not to mention, you might get amazing deals and discounts if you’re hosting a large party. What’s not to love?


Graduation parties are super fun, and if you avoid these things, then they can be elevated up a notch. So, get ready to get excited. But before that, plan well and hire party rentals Rockland NY early on.

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