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What Is Making Noise In My Chimney?

Have you ever been in a situation like this when you’re blanketing in the warmth of the chimney and you hear weird noises? Crawling, crackling, or racketing? Well, aside from being startled, you might want to think what the source of that ruckus is. Here are all of the possible reasons why your chimney might be making noises and when you should consult chimney contractors.

The Flue Is Banging Up

If the noise you’re hearing from your chimney is more like a loud bang than anything, then it’s probably the flue that’s acting up, a.k.a. the material is expanding or contracting. Mostly, chimney flues are made of metal, and as the temperature outside changes, the flue expands and contracts, kind of like a paper straw and this is what leads to the loud clamor.

If you live in an area where the temperature is ever-changing, the sounds are likely to be heard more often. This is a problem because too much contraction and expansion can cause the chimney flue to eventually crack and that’s something irreparable. You will have to replace the chimney flue liner. So, you should call in the chimney experts because they can get to the bottom of the problem, quickly and more efficiently.

Well, Hello Friends

If the sounds you’re hearing in the chimney are similar to tweets or scratching and there’s also evidence of droppings and excrements, then your chimney has become a place of refuge for animals. More often than not, animals like squirrels, raccoons, rodents, and even bats can reside in your chimney.

Some feathery creatures can also join the mix and bird nests can be seen at the top of the chimney. This is not only a dangerous thing for animals, especially when the chimney is burning up, but it can also be a pain in the neck to keep the critters out of your house because a chimney is the perfect way by which these animals can crawl into your living space.

Usually, chimneys have a bird mesh on top that stops animals and birds from entering the chimney flue, but it can fall victim to weather and wind and it can get torn or completely blown away, hence giving animals a clear passage. So, if you want to stop making your chimney sound like an animal, then you should evacuate the flue and cover the opening of the chimney.

Bustling, Buzzing & Bees

Bees can also invade your chimney. Your chimney can become the perfect place for bees to make hives and reside there permanently. This, in turn, can cause buzzing sounds to emanate from the chimney. What’s worse is that bees can swarm the chimney chute and can enter the house, if you don’t do something about it pronto. This is where the smoke of the chimney can help

If you make the fire produce a lot of smoke, the bees will evacuate the hive. Once you get the safety go-ahead, because you probably don’t want to get stung by a bee, you can remove the hive. Then cover the chimney opening with a chimney cap so that problems like these can be avoided in the future. Buzzing sounds from the chimney can be very unpleasant and now you know how to get rid of them once and for all.

The Wind Is Howling

Chimneys don’t howl, so it can be pretty chilling if you hear whistling and howling coming from the top of the chimney. Unless werewolves are real and are invading your house through the roofs, the source of the sound is probably the wind blowing through the cracks. Sometimes, chimneys can get cracked or the chimney cap can be missing.

If the chimney is exposed to the wind outside, the vibrations can make a distinct howling and whistling sound. If there’s any loose part on top of the chimney, then it can also rattle, as the wind picks speed. This is why you need to ensure that the chimney is covered with a sturdy cap, otherwise, you’re going to hear this distracting noise for a long time. Get the problem fixed and you won’t even have to worry about it anymore. When choosing an expert, avoid scammers.

Drips Are Alarming

Another noise that your chimney might make is an echoing dripping sound. Well, this is the doing of water, either from the rain or puddles of water on your roof that have found their way into the chimney. But chimneys normally don’t leak until or unless they’re damaged. This is a very alarming sign and it’s also a clear indicator that your chimney needs some necessary repairs.

Usually, cracks in the foundation or root of the chimney are what’s causing the water to drip into the base of the fireplace. Loose mortar seams and joints can also cause this problem. This is not good, because not only is your chimney damaged, but the constant dripping of water is going to smother the flames and the fireplace will not heat the surrounding quickly, hence leading to wasting more wood.

This is a quick fix, given that you act as soon as possible and call in a chimney repair Columbia MD professional. They will patch up the cracks and you will be good to go.

Cracks Equal Whooshing

These pesky cracks can make more sounds like whistling and howling. You can hear the wind as it comes in contact with your chimney. These cracks can be either on the outside of the chimney or the chimney flue is cracked because of the constant contraction and expansion.

The result will be the chimney making sounds similar to a gust of wind and that’s unpleasant to hear. On top of that, the wind can also extinguish a weak fire, so you need to do something about it.

Creaking Creosote

Creosote is a black and stubborn substance that can sticks to the flue walls. The appearance of creosote on flue walls is a direct result of not cleaning the chimney properly. When smoke or fire comes in contact with creosote, it can make a crackling and creaking noise that can make you jump from your seat.

Moreover, creosote in your chimney is dangerous because it can cause a fire if the buildup is too much. The only way to fix this problem is to clean the chimney properly and then make it a habit to maintain it regularly, otherwise, the noise and the danger will persist.

Is Your Chimney Vibrating?

Vibrations also have a distinct noise that can rattle your ear drums. The main culprit behind this noise is internal structural issues of the chimney. There can be many structural problems with the chimney, especially if it’s old.

You can’t identify the issues by yourself and it’s best that you hire a professional chimney expert, who can take a closer look with experienced eyes to evaluate the damage. This can be a long job because internal issues take some time to get detected and then fixed. So, hold onto your patience, because the maintenance is long overdue.


No, it’s not a talking chimney, but small critters, chemical reactions, and other things trying to get your attention. Now that you know the reasons for chimney noises, you should consult chimney cleaning services Ellicott City as soon as possible because most problems need a professional.

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