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How To Design Your Patio On A Budget Patio?

Having a patio to spend some time relaxing and enjoying with friends and family members is every homeowner’s wish. Most of the time, this wish goes unfulfilled considering the costs. The fact is that not every patio needs to be expensive. You can build one on a budget, have it designed well, and still have people not being able to take their eyes off it. This is do with hiring the right patio builders and planning correctly. So, if you do not want to break the bank and want a patio at the same time, here is what you should do.

Outdoor Lights

To begin with, you can start with the easy parts such as the outdoor lights. Keep in mind that the only way to add a vibe to your patio is by picking and installing the right lighting system. When searching in the market, you will come across numerous options.

While you may be tempted to go for a unique set if you do not have space for experimenting, it is better you stick to the rules. Patio lights should neither be too bright nor low. It should be just enough to cover the entire patio and keep it cozy.

Even though string lights tend to be the most budget-friendly, you can also opt for wall-mounted, overhead, table lights, etc. Plus, you can also get the lights installed on the floor but you will have to decide whether you want removable or permanent fixtures. Permanent fixtures will require additional labor and will cost relatively more.

Outdoor Décor

Then again, this is going to be a tricky situation having to deal with so many options. The best way to deal with this situation is by narrowing down your options and that too by deciding the theme of your patio. If you want to keep it all-natural, you can opt for clay, plastic, or metal pots, fixtures, sculptures, statues, etc.

Another thing to keep in mind is the space available. You do not want people hitting the décor objects and falling. Moreover, you can also try painting some objects and placing them in different parts of the patio.

Make sure all the outdoor décor items are waterproof. Otherwise, the décor will simply be damaged and your hand-painted items will get ruined if it pours hard.

Patio Furniture

As mentioned earlier, patios are meant to spend some time relaxing and enjoying with friends and family members. If you have guests coming over every weekend, you will need some comfortable patio furniture that does not break their bank.

In this case, you do not need to buy new furniture. If you have some pieces that are hardly ever used in your house, you should place them on your patio and replace them with new pieces. However, if you do not want to do that, you can look around for thrift stores and check if they have pieces on sale.

It might be that you have to polish and get the pieces refinished. That will save you huge costs considering you do not have to buy new patio furniture. Furthermore, consider placing tables, shelves, and other items to help with storage. Otherwise, you will have people spilling drinks and food items all over the place.

Use Natural Pest Pesticides

While spending some time in your patio area, you will get a visit from seriously irritating creatures that will make it a living hell if you do not manage a repellant. The good news is that you do not have to spend loads of money but install some pine cones that will act as natural repellents.

In addition to that, the pets won’t harm them as well since they release chemicals that keep the animals at bay. Pine cones are known to acidify the soil which helps plants blossom with full colors. Plus, pine cones also decompose slowly, which means that you will not have to spend money on regular replacements. In fact, in some countries, you can also find them for free.

Refinish And Use The Existing Items

Sometimes, we tend to waste a lot of money on items that we do not need. Instead of doing that, we look around carefully, there are always some items we can refine and use. If there are any fixtures you need for the patio, you can look around your house and remove them.

Unless they are cracked or damaged, simply remove the rust and give them a new finish so that you can install them on your patio. Install a new fixture in its place in your house. Similarly, you might have some décor or furniture items that are covered with dust and dirt and not used by anyone.

You can have them repaired by an expert without having to spend on costly items.

Build A Fire Pit On A Budget

When it is extremely cold outside, you and your friends won’t be able to spend some quality time on your patio. So, what you need is a fire pit to keep everyone warm and cozy. But fire pits can be expensive and you need to build it on a budget.

Then again, you can either visit your local thrift stores or look around for yard sales. If you are lucky, you can get your hands on a really good piece that costs close to nothing. For a masonry fire pit, connect with an outdoor fireplace builder Long Island.

Make sure that your patio does not have items nearby that can catch fire. It is quite easy for people to fall asleep, leaving the fire on. This could be extremely dangerous as the house can catch fire.

Paint The Patio

While lights and décor help set the vibe of the patio area, the paint will decide the theme. This is going to be a bit expensive as compared to other tasks but there aren’t many options in this regard. Paint is the only option as you cannot install wallpapers since the patio is outdoors. The wallpapers will neither look good nor will be able to withstand the elements.

Plus, if your patio is smaller than the average size, then you do not need to worry much about the paint. This is because you can paint the patio on your own as well.

If possible, you can add some fences and skip the paint. However, you will need to cover the pillars and other areas of the house connecting the patio. And if the house itself needs a repaint, you should do it first. Otherwise, your newly painted patio will not complement a house with peeling paint.

If you are restricted on the budget, wait a while and save enough till you can get the entire house painted.


In the end, building a patio on a budget is all about making smart and wise decisions. Focus on the priorities and try to make use of the existing items first. Always have different options in hand and look around before going in with the final decision. This way, you will have your dream patio with plenty of savings in the bank that you can invest in other things. Get suggestions from patio contractors Long Island on building and designing a patio on budget.

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