Dos and Don’ts to Remember Before You Travel with Kids

While it is great to travel with your kids, it also comes with a deal of stress. Traveling with children in tow is very different from traveling by yourself or with your partner.

Good thing that there are several dos and don’ts that you can keep in mind to ensure a safe, secure, and fun travel with your kids.


  • Do communicate with the general manager of the hotel and check if they can give you a discount for the second room if you will travel with your kids and you need two rooms or even a suite.
  • Do know the difference between adjacent rooms and adjoining rooms. An adjoining room has a door between the two rooms. An adjacent room is composed of two rooms right next to each other with no connecting door. A lot of people are confused about these two types of rooms. So, upon arriving at their hotel, they end up realizing that they still need to go to the hallway just so they can get to their kids’ room.
  • Do ask if your target hotel is fully booked. If it is not, you can ask for a room with no guests on both sides. It will give your kids the freedom to just be themselves with no need for you to constantly remind them to stay quiet.
  • Do inform the hotel what your kids like. Just like you, your kids will also love it if they are recognized.
  • Do bring some safety plugs for outlets in case you have toddlers or small children with you. Not every hotel is equipped with these.
  • Do let the hotel know if your kid is prone to nighttime accidents. The staff would dress your bed accordingly.
  • Make sure that the hotel has a menu for room service for kids if you are planning to use its amenity. If it does not have any, ask for a plate suitable for kids. The hotel must accommodate you and provide you a discount.
  • Bring some safety plugs for the outlets if you have toddlers or small kids. Not every hotel is equipped with them.
  • Check if the windows do not open much before enabling your kid to roam.
  • Ask if there’s an available mini-refrigerator.


  • Do not bring the favorite blanket of your child if possible. It might be lost and your kid might get heartbroken. If the blanket gets mingled in with the bed sheets, there’s no guarantee that it would reappear.
  • Do not leave your kid alone in the hotel or room.
  • Do not let a kid on the balcony unattended.
  • Do not let your kid push the elevator buttons. Some guests do not want to stop at every floor.
  • Do not stay at the hotel if it charges extra a kid younger than 12 years old.
  • Do not let your kid roam the hallways unattended.

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