Roles Of An Assault Charges Attorney

Assault charges are common in Maryland and other jurisdictions. You don’t have to throw some jabs at a person or stab them to be charged with assault. You don’t even have to hit anyone to face an assault charge. A physical altercation with your neighbor or engaging in a bar brawl is enough to get your name on the charge sheet. Regardless of the nature of your crime, it is important to hire a skilled assault charges attorney to represent you at every stage of the criminal process. So, what are the responsibilities of assault charges attorneys? Read on.

The assault lawyer represents you in court

The primary responsibility of the attorney is to build a rock-solid case or defense against your claimants. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that you– even if they are guilty — receive the best possible outcome, such as a dismissal of the case or zero prison time. This typically involves preparing opening and closing statements, questioning prosecution witnesses, filing the relevant motions or requests with the court in a timely manner. If the prosecution obtains evidence in an improper manner, it is the job of the attorney to ensure the evidence is thrown out. In the event that you want to enter a plea in court, your attorney must respect your wishes, even if he or she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to do so.

The defense lawyer maintains your confidentiality

It is the responsibility of the defense attorney to ensure that your information is confidential. This means that even if you tell your attorney that you are guilty of causing a fight in a bar, he or she cannot disclose this information to anyone. However, if you tell your attorney that you plan to commit a crime in the future, the lawyer has an ethical duty to reveal to reveal your plans.

The criminal defense lawyer protects your rights

Throughout the criminal proceedings, the criminal defense lawyer should educate you on your constitutional rights, and work at ensuring that your rights are not violated by the prosecution and any other party involved in the case. For instance, the attorney should ensure that you aren’t tried by a jury in a timely manner and that the prosecution avails the prosecutorial information it has on the accused.

These are just some of the main responsibilities of an assault attorney. A good lawyer shouldn’t stop working until you have got justice.

Assault Charges Attorney: What You Should Do When Facing Assault Charges

Assault charges are serious and can land you in jail or be required to pay heavy fines. Studies show that many people don’t know what to do when they are facing the charges. To help you out, here is what you should do:

Only talk to your assault charges attorney

When the police arrest you for assault, they will try to entice you to answer questions or give statements. They will promise you immediate release, leniency, or even outright dismissal of the charges you are facing if you cooperate. They may even tell you that they have incriminating evidence against you. All this is to confuse you so that you can make mistakes. When you are arrested, you shouldn’t speak to the police. You should only speak to your assault charges attorney. In addition to avoiding speaking to the police, you should also avoid from speaking to the other inmates, your family friends, or parents concerning your case. This is to prevent information from landing in the wrong hands.

Don’t contact the person you assaulted

Contacting the assault victim may lead to additional charges against you and this is likely to increase your bail. It can also be interpreted as a violation of a restraining order which can see you paying a heavy punishment.

Work closely with your defense attorney

Criminal attorneys are expensive but failure to hire one may see you in jail because you are inexperienced to represent yourself effectively. It is better for you to pay an attorney than risk jail, lose your job, and have a criminal record. The professional will help you in gathering evidence and witnesses for your case.

The professional will also help you in identifying the weak areas of the case that you can use to your advantage. For example, if the person that you assaulted is the one that started the confrontation, the defense attorney can come up with an argument that you were defending yourself before you were arrested. To have an easy time with the attorney and increase your chances of winning the case, you should provide the attorney with all the information that he/she needs. You should also tell him/her the truth about your case.


A criminal defense lawyer is very important on assault charges since he/she will represent you effectively thus increasing your chances of winning your case. Remember that inadequate representation is likely to land you in jail. If you feel that you cannot afford an attorney, you qualify for a public defender. Although the professional won’t have as much time with you as a private attorney, he/she will be better than handling the case alone.

6 Most Asked Roof Repair Questions Answered

Roofing contractors are bombarded with loads of questions by their clients who are either looking for a roof replacement or fixation. We have answered some of the most common roof repair questions that will help you grasp the better understanding and settle your concerns about your roof.

How do I know if my roof needs replacement or a simple repairing?

The recognition of your house roof’s disruption isn’t all too hard to figure out, yet the fact that your roof demands repairing or replacement maybe uncertain to you. The life of your roof is highly dependent on the answer to your this question. If there is a little fracture in the shingle and there is no more than a single leak from your roof, then a simple repair job by a roofer or yourself will be far more than enough. However, if your roof is close to its lifespan and there are several leaks in your roof or a little over 3 to 4 broken shingles, then your roof demands a replacement.

What is the lifespan of my roof?

On an average a roof lasts for about 20 years, or a little more than that. However, the life of your roof is highly dependent on the roofing material you have used. Roofing contractors will fill you in on what type of roof would serve the best to your house’s needs and how long it is likely to last. The roofer’s work is too dependent on the life of your roof, alongside, roof system design, building structure, material quality and suitability, installation, periodic maintenance, local climate etc.

What will be the cost of my roof dependent on?

There is certainly no fixed price for any certain kind of roof. You will find the prices of roof varying at different ranges when consulting different roofing contractors.

Costs of roofs are also dependent on the pitch of your roof, and the type of roofing material you are using. The weather conditions where you live in also depict the cost of the roof as to sustain its strength the roof is adjusted accordingly. The amount of layers of shingles you require will certainly also be a depending factor of the cost of your roof.

What factors will cause my roof to wear out?

There are numerous reason why your roof might have worn out. It is immensely important for you to recognize the factors that contribute to the damage of your roof so you can prevent it from happening if it is in your control. The prime reason for why your roof is prone to damage is because of severe weather conditions. Intense sunlight with heat can also contribute to serious damage of your roof. If you happen to live in an area where it rains a lot then your roof is very likely to algae and mildew growth, which is just as likely to damage your roof as any other factor. Rain and snow will also contribute to the fading of the color of your roof. Hail stones can also do some serious damage to your roof by hitting the shingles hard, and causing them to break or even fall.

Can I repair my own roof?

If you have hired a roofer to fix your roof before and seen how easy it seems, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. You need to have some experience at DIY projects beforehand getting started in on professional level DIYs which may take a toll on your budget and time a like with the tiniest bit of damage to your roof while repairing it. It is highly advised for you to consult a roofing contractor for the sake of saving yourself some trouble and then getting started on the project. Bottom line is, yes you can repair your own roof if you have faith enough in yourself to not damage the roof any further and execute the entire process successfully.

At what conditions can I install another roof on top of another?

As much as the idea of installing your new roof on top of another may seem to be additional strength to your roof that might not necessarily be the case. If you have algae, broken or curled up shingles. It will be difficult for you to install another roof on top of that and thus as technically possible as it is, it is advised to not install your new roof on top of the old one.